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The prevalence of poor ocular motilities in a mainstream school compared to two learning-disabled schools in Johannesburg

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The prevalence of poor ocular motilities in a mainstream school

Background: Ocular motilities play a major role when reading for the continuous acquisition and updating of visually presented information. Accurate oculomotor control is required to be able to learn how to read and to efficiently read to learn. This process requires accurate decoding accomplished by precise oculomotor control.

Aim: A comparison of the prevalence of poor ocular motilities between mainstream and learning-disabled schools were explored from three different schools; one mainstream and two disabled schools. One hundred and ninety-two children, age range 8–13 years (mean = 10.30, s.d.: ± 0.999) in grades 3 and 4, with 112 children from the two learning-disabled schools and 80 children from the mainstream school participated in the study.

Know your gear; Eyewear = eye protection

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Know your gear Eyewear = eye protection

It is very important to look after one’s eyes. Everyone knows that — and therefore there is a growing demand for activity-specific eyewear amongst sport and outdoor enthusiasts. However, with so many different sunglasses on the market and each one promising to be the best of the best, the question is: which eyewear should a retailer stock to meet the needs of his customers?



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Train trips are a great novelty here in South Africa. Yes, there are those that do commute to the daily grind via rail, but for the most part one doesn’t really use them on an integral basis like one would in say, England. The novelty factor jumps a couple of notches when you go off on a train trip to provide primary health care in some far flung corner of South Africa. Every two weeks, for most of the year this is exactly what happens, as final year students of Optometry, Dentistry, Nursing, and Psychology board the Phelophepa health care train. Quite disappointingly the whole experience starts with a bus trip to meet the train at its next ‘port of call’.


Dear Patient, we are open!
As a valued patient of our practice, we appreciate the trust you place in us and want to inform you about how we are addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We will be issuing travel letters to all our patients to insure that you may travel to us. Please know that our office is following all recommended guidance from public health authorities, including best practices for hygiene, infection control and medical professional team health.